The solution to control your local airspace

Orbitalizetm is a mobile and web application that empowers you to understand and manage the risk of drone operations in local airspace.

With an augmented reality interface, users in the field can quickly confirm the status of a drone. Where a flight is unauthorized, they can capture real-time evidence to support intervention and further investigation.

Whether you are a public safety authority or a live event organizer, Orbitalize is an integrated platform to authorize drone flights in your managed area.

User interface which displays the “license plates” of flying drones 
based on the Remote ID Standard (ASTM F3411 – 19)

A Data-Driven Platform

Access accurate and
timely information

Provide staff and field agents with accurate and timely information about the legal and regulatory status of a drone in a given location at a given time.

Collaboratively capture
investigation material

Use an augmented reality mobile application to collect data for investigative purposes: photography, video and metadata.

Save time through automation

Replace time-consuming processes for authorization of drone flights with a user-friendly registration and approval process.

Get ready for U-Space

Achieve full compliance with forthcoming Swiss FOCA regulations for remote identification of drones and related U-Space services.

About us

The mission of Orbitalize is to empower public safety authorities and live event organizers to manage their local airspace.

We are a Geneva-based software engineering start-up that provides an integrated platform, including a mobile and web application to enable our clients to understand and manage the risk of drone operations.

Orbitalize provides its technology as a toolbox.

We are contributors to the SUSI (Swiss U-Space Implementation programme) of the Swiss FOCA and an organizational member of ASTM International. We gratefully acknowledge the support of Innosuisse.

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